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Movement Menu Guidelines

The download is a Movement Menu, consisting of key activities you need to complete to keep yourself healthy through the tough summer competition period.

You should be completing comprehensive preparation and recovery, before and after your tennis matches.

At least once per day in a tournament you are expected to complete one set of exercises from each section.

For example:

09:30 Match = 08:30 Practice = 08:00 Extended WU = Mobility A + Pillar Prep A + Fire Up A = Fully Prepared

Post-Match = Recovery Routine = Hydration & Fuel + 10min Bike/Row/Jog + 15min Rolling & Stretching

There are hyperlinks embedded within the document, that will take you direct to the relevant YouTube video.

The Guideline download explain how you should use the programme before, during and after tournaments. If you are not competing, then you should follow the 5 day cycle outlined in the guideline.

Movement Menu

Movement Menu