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Coordination Training - Context is King!

Coordination Training - Context is King!

Coordination training is an often misunderstood and at times haphazardly delivered element of physical preparation. As with everything in coaching, context is king. Simply repeating drills seen on social media, without a good understanding of why you are using the exercise, delivers suboptimal coaching.

Working at WARP Speed!

In September 2014, I attended a two-day workshop with Dan John in Leeds, organised by Brendan Chaplin. The main take-aways were about trying to make coaching simpler vs more complex - follow the KISS rule - Keep It Simple Stupid!

Part 2 - Visit with Beni Linder at Swiss National Centre

In 2014 I self-funded a trip to visit Beni Linder, the head physical trainer at the Swiss Tennis National centre. In part 1 I gave an overview of the systems and method used by Beni to develop tennis-athletes. In this instalment I include discussions on LTAD and the principles of intensity.

Why you should NOT be playing so much tennis!

‘It’s a long journey’ – Why it is important tennis players complete physical training blocks.

The average age of the Top 20 players in the world are 26 and 25 years old for men and women respectively. That is a 15-20 year development period, from starting at mini-red to playing at the top level. In order to achieve this, it is vitally important the players’ programmes are balanced between technical, tactical, psychological and physical.