Working at WARP Speed!


In September 2014, I attended a two-day workshop with Dan John in Leeds, organised by Brendan Chaplin. The main take-aways were about trying to make coaching simpler vs more complex - follow the KISS rule - Keep It Simple Stupid!

Below are some of the golden-nuggets Dan dropped on the day:


On goal setting:

What is your goal? ( You may need to have the courage to educate them. As what they say, may not what they need. It's all about the journey).

Will this goal expand your life for the better?

Do you truly want to sacrifice as hard as you are going to!?


On exercise/workout selection:

"The prisoners dilemma..... 3x30min yard-time/sessions per week  - if all you had was 30min to train, what would you do?" 


On coaching:

"Keep watching until you have something intelligent to say......."

"Don't coach the issues, identify the problem and help solve it"

Strength Coach - Dan John

Strength Coach - Dan John

But, there was one concept that Dan mentioned that has really stuck with me. Dan told a story about a conversation with a Nun, which led to her describing, how one might manage their work-life balance. She explained there were four components: Work; Rest; Play and Pray (see image below). The Pray component did not neseccaryily  mean actually praying, but instead, it was time spent alone.

Now, maybe I'm not following Johns mantra of KISS, or maybe as an ex-Marine I love a nemonic, but I have adapted the WRPP (work, rest, play, pray) into WARP: Work; Active Rest; Rest; Peace. 

WARP Speed Model

WARP Speed Model

I made the chance as I was finding it difficult to align certain tasks and activities under the WRPP banner. Below I will give some examples of activities using the WARP model.

Work - 

Active Rest

  • Gym & exercise
  • Catch-ups with friends and colleagues 
  • Social Events
  • Social Media
  • Gardening


  • Dog walks
  • Time spent with friends and family
  • Watching movies and box sets



You may have different activities under each heading than me. But I have found, defining tasks into these categories makes sure that I am getting some quality down-time and develop a better word:life balance.

We are led to believe that we are supposed to 'work' every available hour to succeed, but this can only lead to one thing - burnout!! A friend of mine, gave me some good advice, he said "When you were a Marine, you were a Marine 24hrs a day, you don't have to be an S&C Coach 24hrs day". My conclusion is - work smart not hard; make time for loved ones; and most importantly, make time for yourself.