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This is the home of Howard Green the Head of Strength and Conditioning (S&C) at USN Bolton Arena High Performance Tennis Academy and WTA Tour Physical Coach.

Howard is a UKSCA Accredited S&C Coach, a iTPA Certified Tennis Performance Specialist and former Royal Marines Commando.

He is an international speaker on tennis-specific training, coordination training and youth development.

The HGreen TennisFit coaching philosophy focusses on being person centred and mastering movement.

The HGreen TennisFit education philosophy focusses on using universal language to engage with tennis coaches, tennis fitness coaches, tennis players and tennis parents.

The goal is to simplify the science.

Here you will find blog posts on how to train to optimise the holistic development of tennis athletes.

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Team Ana at Indian Wells 2016

Team Ana at Indian Wells 2016



This is the HGreen TennisFit Training Model

The goal of the model is to create a universal language between coaches and trainers to enhance observation, communication and training intervention.

Tennis Athlete

In order to be a complete tennis player, you must back up your skills with physical preparation.